Vizion-ary Partnership

  • Vizion-ary Partnership

    Vizion Logistics - on September 28, 2016

    Gemini Shippers Association has forged a joint venture with Vizion Logistics to provide transport for smaller shipments and other services for its members. “Gemini is able to provide contracts for full container shipments for our members, but there are many other services that our members ask for that the association can’t directly provide,” said Sara Mayes, president of Gemini. These include services such as less-than-containerload (LCL), air freight, purchase order management, and warehousing. “In the past we would give out names, including Vizion’s name, but we realized it would actually make more sense if we could actually do this and promote it as a joint venture,” she said. “This is a company that we are comfortable working with, that we have enough faith in that we can share confidential information.”


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